44th G7 summit: A picture is worth a thousand words!

The image posted by Chancellor of Germany Merkel’s Instagram, has sparked a lot of talk.

At one time, the G7 Summit is a place, where the group of seven shows the love……


But at yeasterday the chancellor of Germany Merkel has posted photograph of the year’s G7 Summit, the atmosphere was tense!


It has to be said that the German perspective is unforgettable! Until now, the post has earned more than 63,200 people likes.

At this summit, US President Donald trump personally “offended” all the other G7 leaders. Most of the media thought the composition was like an oil painting, A picture is worth a thousand words!

Friends has collected many photos from different angles, like the angle of French:


The Angle of Italy:


The angle of America:


Also the Oil painting version:


And the last supper version:


And the fake Merkel describe the her emotions at the moment:


At this G7 Summit, Trump is capricious, in addition to his public feud with French President Emmanuel Macron on twitter, and also calling Canada President Justin Trudeau “hypocrisy”. Leave the meeting early and is ready to withdrawn the summit communique…… Mr Trump has a distinct personality!


I think this is a microcosm of the G7 summit, so one swallow does not make a summer! Have a nice Day!


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