FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner Review

Foxwell NT301.jpg

Nowadays many people like to use wireless obd2 code reader to check your vehicle’s engine and the other special functions. But may be you have found that there are some problems with connection stability and vehicle compatibility of these bluetooth or wifi code readers. The price over $80 of the wireless code reader will have strong stability and compatibility, but the price under $70 of the cable obd2 scanner will have the same performance as it.

Today i have received a FOXWELL NT301 Professional Obd2 Scanner from Amazon, i will make a reivew about it.

1. It connects to the vehicle easily and the tool is easy to operate;
2. Gives you not only generic codes but once synced with the vehicle it can also give manufacture codes;
3. Provides the description of your codes;
4. It also supports manufacturer specific trouble codes;
5. Read real time data and print off any codes that have been detected
6. With just a push of a button, the device will verify the I/M readiness of the vehicle and determine if it would pass/fail a state inspection

1. Need take about a minute to sync with the vehicle;
2. Not able to pull where the chassis and suspension codes;

As code readers go, there are so many options now. It has become standard issue for most backyard mechanics, and for good reason. Any time that check engine light comes on, you worry and wonder. Overall for the price the FOXWELL NT301 is a good tool for auto diagnosis and repair.

Here is the details:


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