FOXWELL 2018 Christmas Gift for your Vehicles

FOXWELL Christmas Gift Guide

       Notice: 1. Open to residents in the US Only.

                      2. Can only choice one of the christmas gift below.

                    3. Prizes and winners are chosen randomly. If you were not selected as the winner this can still enjoy High discount for the gift.

—————————————– RULES AND TIPS ——————————

Step 1) Share on(FacebookTwitterPIN)
Step 2) add one of our product in your wish list or gift idea on amazon US.
Step 3) Choose the gift and write down your Christmas wishes.
Step 4) We are pick up 5 participents and achieve their wishes Until Dec 20th.
The lucky winner will be announced on our page foxwell obdzon.


Foxwell NT301 Obd2 scanner                            Foxwell NT201 Auto Code Scanner

29% OFF NT301 OBD2 Scanner                                         30% OFF NT201 Auto Code Scanner

  $49.69    Code: 13NT301PRO                                                      $30.77   Code: 08CHRISMAS

FOXWELL BT705 Battery Test.jpg                             FOXWELL NT650 Car Code Reader.jpg

20% OFF Automotive Battery Tester                                     20% OFF NT650 Car Code Reader

  $104.50   Code: 05XZDISCOUNT                                             $177.00   Code: 202EHR23

FOXWELL NT630 Elite OBD2 Scanner                                   FOXWELL Wireless Endoscope

21% OFF NT630 Elite Obd2 Scanner                                     22% OFF Wireless Endoscope

  $110.79   Code: 083XULGE                                                  $29.87   Code: 07DISCOUNTXZ

FOXWELL BT100 Pro Battery Tester                                FOXWELL NT510 BMW Obd2 Scanner

28% OFF BT100 Pro Battery Tester                                 15% OFF NT510 BMW Obd2 Scanner

  $32.76   Code: 20LEW9N7                                                  $151.10   Code: 10DYP9KS

Note: This Activity expires at 20/12. If you are interested in the activity and the products, please follow our rules and leave message under the blog, we will use random system to choose 5 winners. Happy Christmas!

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  1. I want the NT650 Car Code Reader for Christmas because I want the best when it comes to automotive maintenance for my family and friends.


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